Cryptocurrency Prices Steady as Bitcoin Eyes $28K Amid Fed Tightening

• Cryptocurrency prices held steady on Thursday despite a decline in traditional markets due to recent economic data and comments from the Federal Reserve.
• Bitcoin rose from a low of about $20,408 late Wednesday night to an intraday high of $21,207 on Thursday afternoon.
• Jim Wyckoff and Milky Bull Crypto predict that Bitcoin will soon surge to $28,000.

The cryptocurrency markets were relatively calm on Thursday, with Bitcoin holding steady at the $21,000 level despite a decline in traditional markets due to recent economic data and comments from the Federal Reserve.

The S&P, Dow, and Nasdaq all saw significant losses throughout the day but managed to recover some of their losses towards the end. Despite this, price action from shows that Bitcoin continued to climb throughout the day, rising from a low of about $20,408 late Wednesday night to an intraday high of $21,207 on Thursday afternoon, despite concerns over the potential bankruptcy of Genesis Global Capital.

The sideways price action for Bitcoin over the past few days is being seen as a normal pause after reaching a four-month high on Tuesday. According to Jim Wyckoff, a senior technical analyst at Kitco, Bitcoin bulls currently have the upper hand in the short term, with a strong uptrend on the daily chart, indicating the potential for further gains in the short term. This sentiment is echoed by blockchain analyst Milky Bull Crypto, who predicts that Bitcoin will soon surge to $28,000.

Meanwhile, Federal Reserve Vice Chair Lael Brainard stated during a speech at the University of Chicago School of Business that the central bank must continue to tighten monetary policy in order to achieve a sustainable 2% inflation rate. This comes as the U.S. economy enters the second year of a pandemic-related economic downturn, with the unemployment rate still elevated at 6.7%.

It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin can continue its ascent to new heights, or if it will fall to lower levels. However, it is clear that the cryptocurrency markets continue to be resilient despite the uncertain economic environment, providing investors with a safe haven asset to potentially hedge against losses in traditional markets. Only time will tell if Bitcoin can reach the $28,000 target predicted by analysts, but in the meantime investors will likely remain cautious in the face of ongoing market volatility.

Get Fighting Ready and Earn Crypto with Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out!

• Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out is a new fitness app in the Web 3 space that allows users to get “fighting ready” and make money.
• It is currently on presale for 0.0166 and will rise to 0.0333 when it goes live on CEXs and DEXs on April 5th, 2023.
• It has already raised more than $2 million and provides a brand new way to interact with the fitness space.

Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out is a revolutionary new fitness app that is taking the Web 3 space by storm. It’s been designed to help users get “fighting ready” and make money in the process. This is a completely new concept in the crypto world and it has already raised more than $2 million, giving users the chance to be one of the first investors and rake in the profits when it goes live.

The app itself is quite simple. It allows users to set goals and track their progress, as well as compete in challenges with others. It also rewards users for completing tasks and staying on track with their goals. The rewards are paid out in crypto, which can be used to purchase items from the in-app store or transferred to other users.

The app is currently on presale for 0.0166 and when it goes live on CEXs and DEXs on April 5th, 2023, the price will rise to 0.0333. This means that now is the perfect time to get involved and become one of the first investors.

In addition to its use as a fitness and rewards app, Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out also provides a brand new way to interact with the fitness space. Users can join clubs and compete in battles with others all over the world, giving them the opportunity to test their skills and earn rewards in the process. This creates a fun and engaging platform for users to stay motivated and stay on track with their goals.

Overall, Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out is an innovative new fitness app that is breaking new ground in the Web 3 space. It provides users with a way to get “fighting ready” and make money, while also giving them a unique platform to interact with the fitness space. With its presale already underway, now is the time to become one of the first investors and benefit from the potential profits when it goes live.

Cardano Price Prediction: Will ADA Be a Top Altcoin in 2023?

• ADA had a pump this week, and in this article we analyze the Cardano price prediction.
• Cardano is a blockchain platform designed for changemakers, inventors, and enthusiasts.
• Cardano price is currently at $0.266, with 24-hour trading volume of $217,142,872, and has reached its all-time high price of $3.10 on September 2, 2021.

Cardano (ADA) is a blockchain platform designed for changemakers, inventors, and enthusiasts alike. It contains the tools and technologies necessary to bring about global changes and generate potential for the majority and the few. This week, ADA had a pump, and in this article, we analyze the Cardano price prediction.

Cardano is a consensus-based, proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, which is currently the 9th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. It was developed by Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, and is focused on providing a decentralized platform for smart contracts, digital asset management, and financial applications. Additionally, its unique use of a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm ensures that transactions are secure and private.

As of today, January 5th, the price of Cardano is $0.266, with 24-hour trading volume of $217,142,872. The cryptocurrency has experienced a 0.27% rise in the last 24 hours and attained its all-time high price of $3.10 on September 2, 2021, when it was traded at its peak. Since then, ADA has lost some of its support and has been trading sideways throughout the summer.

It is important to note that there are other cryptocurrencies out there, and it is important to research other potential altcoins and determine which ones, in addition to Cardano, are performing well. Cardano is currently a topic that is being discussed by a lot of influential people and it is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.

In conclusion, Cardano is a promising cryptocurrency that has a lot of potential for growth and is expected to be one of the top altcoins to hold in 2023. It is important to do your own research and make sure to stay up to date with the latest developments. With the help of YouTube videos, news articles, and other sources, you can make an informed decision when it comes to investing in ADA.

Bitcoin Price Consolidates, Bullish Trend Awaits Breakout Above $17K

• Bitcoin price prediction is currently consolidating and seems to be preparing for the next move above the resistance level of $17,000.
• Bitcoin (BTC) begins the day off by trending toward the north only to roll over and fall lower to touch the daily low at $16,778.
• Bitcoin price could break to the upside but it could take a little time before this comes to play.

The Bitcoin price is currently in a period of consolidation as the cryptocurrency market waits for the next major move. Bitcoin (BTC) began the day off trending toward the north, before rolling over and falling lower to touch the daily low at $16,778. This indicates that Bitcoin may have a difficult time breaking above the current resistance level of $17,000.

The first level of support for the Bitcoin price could be located around the $16,500 level. Beneath this, support lies at the $14,000, $12,000, and $10,000 levels. If the Bitcoin price is able to break above the upper boundary of its current channel, it may be able to reach the $18,000 level. However, this has become less likely with each failed breakout attempt, as the Relative Strength Index (14) hovers around the 50-level.

In order for the Bitcoin price to break above the $17,000 resistance level, the bulls will need to take control of the market and gain enough momentum to push the crypto past the resistance. The crypto market will remain volatile in the short-term, and investors should remain cautious when entering the market. However, the long-term prospects for Bitcoin remain strong, and the current consolidation period could be the precursor to a larger rally in the coming weeks and months.

Scopri l’Universo di DeFi

DeFi (acronimo di finanza decentralizzata) è un termine che si riferisce all’utilizzo di tecnologie blockchain per creare una gamma di applicazioni finanziarie che possono essere utilizzate da qualsiasi persona, ovunque nel mondo. DeFi offre ai partecipanti al mercato la possibilità di accedere a strumenti finanziari come prestiti, assicurazioni, fondi comuni di investimento e altro ancora.

Che cosa è DeFi?

DeFi è un insieme di applicazioni finanziarie decentralizzate basate su blockchain, che permettono agli utenti di accedere a servizi finanziari tradizionali, come prestiti, assicurazioni, trading e fondi comuni di investimento. Grazie alla natura decentralizzata della tecnologia blockchain, DeFi permette ai partecipanti al mercato di accedere a servizi finanziari senza la necessità di interazioni centralizzate.

Come acquistare token DeFi

I token DeFi possono essere acquistati su una varietà di scambi crittografici, tra cui Crowd Millionaire. Gli utenti possono acquistare token DeFi con valuta fiat o altri token crittografici. Gli utenti possono anche partecipare a ICO (offerta iniziale di monete) o staking per ottenere token DeFi.

Come funziona?

DeFi si basa sulla tecnologia blockchain, che è una tecnologia che consente la creazione di applicazioni decentralizzate. La tecnologia blockchain consente agli utenti di creare applicazioni che non dipendono da una singola autorità centralizzata, ma sono gestite da un gruppo di partecipanti. I partecipanti al mercato possono quindi utilizzare queste applicazioni per accedere a una vasta gamma di servizi finanziari decentralizzati.

Vantaggi dell’utilizzo di DeFi

DeFi offre una serie di vantaggi rispetto ai servizi finanziari tradizionali. I principali vantaggi dell’utilizzo di DeFi sono:

  • Accessibilità: DeFi è accessibile a tutti, ovunque nel mondo. Non ci sono barriere fisiche o politiche per l’accesso ai servizi finanziari.
  • Sicurezza: DeFi è basato sulla tecnologia blockchain, che è una delle tecnologie più sicure disponibili. La tecnologia blockchain garantisce che i fondi siano protetti e che nessuno possa accedere ai fondi senza l’autorizzazione dei partecipanti al mercato.
  • Trasparenza: DeFi è un ambiente trasparente che consente ai partecipanti al mercato di visualizzare e monitorare le loro attività finanziarie.
  • Costi: DeFi è generalmente più economico rispetto ai servizi finanziari tradizionali, poiché non ci sono intermediari coinvolti e le transazioni avvengono direttamente tra i partecipanti al mercato.

Rischi associati all’utilizzo di DeFi

Tuttavia, è importante ricordare che DeFi presenta anche alcuni rischi. I principali rischi associati all’utilizzo di DeFi sono:

  • Volatilità: i prezzi dei token e delle altre attività DeFi sono altamente volatili, il che significa che i loro prezzi possono rapidamente salire e scendere.
  • Hackeraggio: poiché DeFi è basato sulla tecnologia blockchain, è possibile che vengano hackerati. Se ciò accade, i fondi degli utenti potrebbero essere compromessi.
  • Liquidità: come con qualsiasi altro mercato, la liquidità può variare in DeFi. Ciò significa che i prezzi delle attività potrebbero salire o scendere in modo significativo a seconda della disponibilità di liquidità.

Cosa sono i token DeFi?

I token DeFi sono token crittografici basati su blockchain che possono essere utilizzati per accedere ai servizi finanziari decentralizzati. I token DeFi possono essere utilizzati per pagare le commissioni di transazione, acquistare beni e servizi e partecipare a protocolli di finanza decentralizzata.

Come utilizzare i token DeFi

Una volta acquistati i token DeFi, gli utenti possono utilizzarli per accedere ai servizi finanziari decentralizzati o per scambiarli con altri token crittografici. Gli utenti possono anche utilizzare i token DeFi per partecipare a protocolli di finanza decentralizzata (come i prestiti decentralizzati) o per partecipare a ICO.

Strumenti di DeFi

Esistono una serie di strumenti che i partecipanti al mercato possono utilizzare per gestire le proprie attività DeFi. I principali strumenti di DeFi sono:

  • Portafogli DeFi: i portafogli DeFi sono progettati per consentire agli utenti di gestire facilmente i propri asset crittografici.
  • Exchange DeFi: gli exchange DeFi sono progettati per consentire agli utenti di scambiare token crittografici e partecipare a protocolli di finanza decentralizzata.
  • Prestiti decentralizzati: i prestiti decentralizzati consentono agli utenti di ottenere prestiti in cambio di attività crittografiche.
  • Assicurazioni crittografiche: le assicurazioni crittografiche consentono agli utenti di proteggersi dal rischio associato all’investimento in asset crittografici.


DeFi è una nuova tecnologia che sta cambiando il modo in cui le persone accedono ai servizi finanziari. DeFi offre agli utenti l’accesso a una gamma di servizi finanziari decentralizzati, come prestiti, assicurazioni, fondi comuni di investimento e altro ancora. Tuttavia, DeFi presenta anche alcuni rischi, come volatilità, hackeraggio e liquidità. I partecipanti al mercato possono utilizzare una serie di strumenti per gestire le proprie attività DeFi, tra cui portafogli DeFi, exchange DeFi, prestiti decentralizzati e assicurazioni crittografiche. Crowd Millionaire offre una varietà di servizi DeFi, inclusi token DeFi, portafogli DeFi, exchange DeFi e prestiti decentralizzati.

Auf meinem Computer funktioniert nach dem Windows 10 Update nichts mehr

Nachdem ich gestern Abend Windows 10 aktualisiert hatte, fand ich einen Desktop ohne Symbole und ohne Taskleiste vor. Das einzige, was ich öffnen kann, sind die Intel-Grafikeinstellungen, wenn ich mit der rechten Maustaste auf den Desktop klicke. Ich kann weder das Startmenü noch meine Dateien oder sonst etwas öffnen. Ich kann Strg+Alt+Löschen drücken, aber ich kann nur auf Abmelden klicken.

Es gibt viele mögliche Gründe, warum dieses Problem auftritt

Es kann unter anderem durch beschädigte Software oder eine falsche Konfiguration von Windows Update verursacht werden.

Eine beschädigte Systemkomponente könnte der Grund für die Probleme sein, die nach einer Aktualisierung auftreten.

Um Ihnen weiterzuhelfen, möchten wir wissen, welche Methoden zur Fehlerbehebung Sie bisher ausprobiert haben. Können Sie außerdem auf das Startmenü und die Einstellungen zugreifen?

Die Lösung

Drücken Sie Windows + I, um die Einstellungen zu öffnen. Versuchen Sie dann, in den abgesicherten Modus zu booten, indem Sie die folgenden Schritte ausführen:

Wählen Sie Update & Sicherheit > Wiederherstellung .
Wählen Sie unter Erweitertes Starten die Option Jetzt neu starten.
Nachdem Ihr PC neu gestartet ist und der Bildschirm Option wählen angezeigt wird, wählen Sie Problembehandlung > Erweiterte Optionen > Starteinstellungen > Neu starten.
Nachdem Ihr PC neu gestartet ist, wird eine Liste mit Optionen angezeigt. Wählen Sie 4 oder F4, um Ihren PC im abgesicherten Modus zu starten. Wenn Sie auf das Internet zugreifen müssen, wählen Sie 5 oder F5 für den abgesicherten Modus mit Netzwerkbetrieb.
Wenn sich die Einstellungen nicht durch Drücken der Tastenkombination Windows + I öffnen lassen, können Sie versuchen, den abgesicherten Modus vom Start aus zu starten. Halten Sie dazu die Einschalttaste gedrückt, wenn das Windows-Logo beim Starten erscheint. Wenn Sie dies 3 Mal tun, werden die erweiterten Startoptionen geöffnet. Gehen Sie dann zu Problembehandlung > Starteinstellungen und folgen Sie Schritt 4, den ich oben beschrieben habe. Prüfen Sie danach, wie sich Windows verhält.


Haben Sie ein Problem mit WhatsApp? Hier sind die Lösungen

WhatsApp ist eine der beliebtesten Messaging-Apps überhaupt – über 10 Prozent der Weltbevölkerung nutzen sie jeden Monat aktiv. Angesichts dieses Nutzungsvolumens ist es klar, dass es viele Dinge richtig macht, aber heute werden wir uns darauf konzentrieren, was es falsch macht. Hier sind einige der häufigsten WhatsApp-Probleme auf Android und wie man sie lösen kann.

Ich kann mich nicht bei WhatsApp anmelden, WhatsApp funktioniert nicht, oder WhatsApp ist nicht verfügbar

WhatsApp-Verbindungsprobleme werden in der Regel durch Ihre Wi-Fi- oder Netzwerk-Datenverbindung verursacht. Wenn Sie keine Nachricht senden können, finden Sie hier ein paar Lösungen:

Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Ihr Telefon eingeschaltet ist (eine für Neulinge)
Installieren Sie die neueste Version der App aus dem Play Store (Link oben)
Überprüfen Sie Ihre Internetverbindung, Wi-Fi oder 4G (unter Einstellungen > Drahtlos und Netzwerk)
Stellen Sie sicher, dass eine Task-Killer-App WhatsApp nicht beeinträchtigt
Leeren Sie den App-Cache (Einstellungen > Anwendungen > WhatsApp > Cache löschen)
Schließlich die extremste Lösung: Deinstallieren Sie die App und installieren Sie sie dann neu.

WhatsApp erkennt meine Kontakte nicht

Auf Android
Es gibt einige Gründe, warum WhatsApp Ihre Kontakte nicht erkennt. Hier ist eine einfache Checkliste, um sicherzustellen, dass es funktioniert:

Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie die richtigen Kontaktnummern haben (die, die sie für WhatsApp verwenden).
Vergewissern Sie sich, dass sie derzeit WhatsApp verwenden.
Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie die neueste Version von WhatsApp haben.
Wenn Ihr Kontakt eine ausländische Telefonnummer verwendet, vergewissern Sie sich, dass die Nummer auf Ihrem Telefon im vollständigen internationalen Format mit Ländervorwahl gespeichert ist.
Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie WhatsApp die Erlaubnis erteilt haben, auf Ihre Kontakte zuzugreifen.

Auf iOS/ iPhone
Wenn Sie bei der Verwendung von WhatsApp auf dem iPhone keine Kontakte sehen können, versuchen Sie diese Schritte:

Zuerst müssen Sie sicherstellen, dass Sie WhatsApp Zugriff auf Ihre Kontakte gewährt haben. So können Sie das tun.

Öffnen Sie Einstellungen und tippen Sie dann auf Datenschutz.
Tippen Sie auf Kontakte.
Vergewissern Sie sich, dass WhatsApp eingeschaltet ist.
Falls Sie feststellen, dass WhatsApp ausgegraut ist (oder in den Datenschutzeinstellungen überhaupt nicht angezeigt wird), müssen Sie diese Schritte ausprobieren:

Öffnen Sie Einstellungen und tippen Sie dann auf Bildschirmzeit.
Gehen Sie zu Inhalt und Datenschutzbeschränkungen und stellen Sie sicher, dass für WhatsApp keine Beschränkungen gelten.
Wenn diese Schritte nicht funktionieren, müssen Sie Ihr iPhone möglicherweise zurücksetzen.

Beachten Sie, dass Sie auch dann, wenn Sie WhatsApp keinen Zugriff auf Ihre Kontakte gewähren, weiterhin Nachrichten senden und empfangen und WhatsApp-Einstellungen ändern können. Sie können die Namen der Kontakte nicht sehen (nur ihre Telefonnummern). Sie können auch neue Gruppen und Broadcast-Listen erstellen.

Für den Fall, dass einige Kontakte auf iOs fehlen, finden Sie hier einige weitere Schritte:

Stellen Sie bei internationalen Nummern sicher, dass Sie den Kontakt im richtigen internationalen Format gespeichert haben.
Wenn Sie iOS Version 11.3 oder höher zusammen mit einem Microsoft Exchange-Konto verwenden, stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Kontoadministrator WhatsApp oder anderen Apps den Zugriff auf Ihre Kontakte erlaubt.

Eine Alternative wäre, Ihre Exchange-Kontakte in das Adressbuch Ihres Telefons oder in iCloud zu kopieren.

WhatsApp hat doppelte Kontakte
Dieses Problem wurde zwar durch Updates für WhatsApp weitgehend beseitigt, aber wenn Sie doppelte Kontakte in Ihrem Adressbuch haben, kann es in irgendeiner Form weiter bestehen.

TA: Voici pourquoi le prix du bitcoin signale une poursuite de la hausse jusqu’à 65 000 $

Le prix du bitcoin a entamé une nouvelle hausse et a franchi la résistance de 62 000 dollars contre le dollar américain. Le BTC s’est échangé à un nouveau sommet historique près de 63 862 $ et il est probable qu’il continue à augmenter.

  • Le bitcoin a prolongé sa hausse au-dessus des niveaux de résistance de 62 000 $ et 63 000 $.
  • Le prix se négocie désormais bien au-dessus du niveau de 62 500 $ et de la moyenne mobile simple sur 100 heures.
  • Un modèle de continuation haussier se forme avec une résistance proche de 63 600 $ sur le graphique horaire de la paire BTC/USD (flux de données de Kraken).
  • La paire est susceptible de poursuivre sa hausse au-dessus de 64 000 $ et 64 200 $ dans les prochaines sessions.

Le prix du bitcoin gagne du terrain

Le bitcoin a entamé une nouvelle hausse après avoir franchi la principale zone de résistance de 61 120 $. Cela a ouvert la voie à des gains supplémentaires au-dessus de la zone de résistance de 62 000 $.

Le prix a même franchi le niveau de 63 000 $ et a atteint un nouveau sommet historique à 63 862 $. Il se négocie maintenant bien au-dessus du niveau de 62 500 $ et de la moyenne mobile simple sur 100 heures. Un support immédiat se forme maintenant près du niveau de 62 850 $.

Le niveau de retracement Fib de 23,6 % de la récente vague allant du plus bas de 59 692 $ au plus haut de 63 862 $ est proche du niveau de 62 850 $. Il y a également un modèle de continuation haussière qui se forme avec une résistance près de 63 600 $ sur le graphique horaire de la paire BTC/USD.

S’il y a une rupture à la hausse au-dessus de la résistance du triangle, le Bitcoin Circuit prolongera très probablement ses gains au-dessus du sommet de 63 862 $. Dans le cas indiqué, le prix pourrait bondir au-dessus du niveau de 64 000 $. Le prochain arrêt majeur pour les haussiers pourrait être 65 000 $ dans les prochaines sessions.

Soutien aux baisses du BTC?

Si le bitcoin ne parvient pas à dépasser les 63 500 $ et 63 850 $, il pourrait y avoir une correction à la baisse à court terme. Un premier support à la baisse se trouve près du niveau de 62 850 $.

Une cassure à la baisse en dessous du support du triangle et de 62 850 $ pourrait entraîner une chute vers le niveau de 61 800 $. Il est proche du niveau de retracement Fib de 50 % de la récente vague allant du bas de 59 692 $ au haut de 63 862 $. Le principal support se forme maintenant près du niveau de 61 120 $ (la zone de rupture récente), où les haussiers sont susceptibles d’apparaître.

Indicateurs techniques:

MACD horaire – Le MACD gagne maintenant du terrain dans la zone haussière.

RSI (indice de force relative) horaire – Le RSI pour la paire BTC/USD est maintenant bien au-dessus du niveau 50.

Principaux niveaux de soutien – 62 850 $, suivi de 61 120 $.

Principaux niveaux de résistance – 63 500 $, 63 850 $ et 65 000 $.

Big Mac index crashes below 10,000 satoshis for the first time

The end of fast food – Big Mac index crashes below 10,000 satoshis for the first time

The Big Sats Index reveals that McDonald’s main burger costs less than 10,000 satoshis for the first time.

The fact that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is currently stronger than ever is no longer a secret, even among the general public, but yet Bitcoin Profit another key figure illustrates the current strength of the cryptocurrency.

As the data of the crypto information portal Ecoinometrics shows, the so-called Big Sats Index shows for the first time that a Big Mac from the world-famous fast food chain McDonald’s costs less than 10,000 satoshis.

Hard to swallow?

Following the well-known Big Mac index, the Big Sats index tracks the purchasing power of Bitcoin. The Big Mac Index was created in 1986 by the British business newspaper The Economist to compare the different purchasing power of fiat currencies in an easy-to-understand way.

The Bitcoin-related counterpart, however, not only aims to show where the market-leading cryptocurrency currently stands, but also comments with a wink on social developments regarding money and food.

As the author Saifedean Ammous explains in his book „The Bitcoin Standard“, both the steady rise of the currency market and the success of the unhealthy foodstuff are the result of the abolition of the gold standard, which ushered in an almost limitless monetary policy. As with the Big Mac, quick gratification triumphs over long-term well-being.

But salvation is in sight, because the Big Sats index now indicates that Bitcoin, i.e. the antithesis of the aforementioned development, is well on its way to correcting this grievance. Thus, at a price level of 60,000 US dollars, a whole 10,402 Big Macs can be acquired for just one BTC, as Ecoinometrics calculates. A single burger of this variety, on the other hand, would cost only 9,614 Satoshis. As a reminder, Satoshi is Bitcoin’s subordinate currency unit on a scale of 1:100,000,000, so 1 Bitcoin is equal to 100 million Satoshis.

During the last big crash in March 2020, a Big Mac was still priced at 100,000 satoshis, which makes clear the drastic change in purchasing power in recent months. Meanwhile, the last time the burger was more expensive than 1 million satoshis dates back to mid-2016.

The intemperance is coming to an end?

In an overarching sense, then, the Big Sats index is another example to support the crypto community’s central argument that fiat currencies tend towards zero in the long run compared to bitcoin because the former has no natural cap.

The Corona crisis has gone a long way to confirming this thesis, as the world’s governments „print“ money incessantly to prop up the economy. Since no real equivalent can be created for this money through the lockdown, inflation is driven up and national currencies lose their value. This is a key reason why many investors are „fleeing“ into the market-leading cryptocurrency.

Hombre del Reino Unido ofrece a la ciudad $ 72 millones por permiso para desenterrar la fortuna de Bitcoin descartada

James Howells, un trabajador de TI con sede en el Reino Unido, ofreció al ayuntamiento de Newport $ 72 millones a cambio de permiso para desenterrar un disco duro que descartó en 2013, que tiene 7500 BTC almacenados.

Según The Telegraph , Howells tiró accidentalmente el disco duro mientras limpiaba su casa en ese entonces

Su fortuna de Bitcoin se ganó mediante la extracción con una CPU cuando todavía era relativamente fácil extraer la criptomoneda insignia.

Cuando su fortuna comenzó a valer millones, intentó recuperar el disco duro, pero el ayuntamiento de Newport ha rechazado continuamente sus solicitudes. Según el tabloide diario de Newport, South Wales Argus , ahora ha hecho una oferta a la ciudad por un valor del 25% de los fondos como donación de ayuda COVID-19.

A los precios actuales, el BTC guardado en el disco duro tiene un valor de casi $ 300 millones. Según los informes, el trabajador de TI dijo que solo necesita acceder a los registros del vertedero para saber dónde buscar, y que el equipo de búsqueda crearía un sello hermético para evitar la liberación de gases venenosos.

Al comentar sobre la posibilidad de encontrar los fondos, Howells dijo que „no hay garantía“ de que el disco duro aún funcione debido al entorno en el que se encuentra, pero agregó:

La carcasa exterior podría estar oxidada. Pero el disco interior, donde se almacenan los datos, debería haber una buena probabilidad de que todavía funcione. Creo que todavía habrá una oportunidad. Pero cuanto más se prolongue esto, es menos probable que sea una posibilidad.

Sin embargo, los funcionarios han respondido que existen riesgos ambientales asociados con la excavación, y que si no se encuentra el disco duro tendrían que cubrir la factura ellos mismos. Sin embargo, Howells ha dicho que está dispuesto a destinar fondos a una cuenta de depósito en garantía para cubrir los costos de excavación.