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Mission Statement

Our Mission:

To provide homeless and formerly homeless women with opportunities to develop their independence, sense of self and hope by:

  • Providing safety, shelter, food, showers and laundry in a nurturing, homelike environment;

  • Helping women to reach their potential through intensive case management and programs that empower them to take control of their lives and advocate for themselves.

Rachael's also reaches out to individuals living on the streets, enabling and encouraging them to access services and benefits available to people who are homeless.


Our Vision:

Today's clients will be tomorrow's role models.


Our Philosophy:

Rachael's Women's Center is a place of hospitality and hope for women who are homeless. When given the chance to heal in a caring and challenging environment, women can be enabled and empowered to bring forth their forgotten and lost potential. The Center asserts the right of all women to be treated with respect and dignity. We believe that in a non-judgemental and supportive environment that all women can find meaning, self-respect, hope, personal power, and love regardless of race or life experiences. In this environment we maintain that all women can evolve into more independent, self-reliant individuals who can more effectively contribute to the communities in which they live.

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Rachael's Women's Center: A place of hospitality and hope for women who have experienced homelessness.
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